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Specialty Retailers Rely on NCR Counterpoint.

NCR Counterpoint

A Robust, Full-Featured Retail Management Solution

Using NCR Counterpoint as the foundation of your retail business, you’ll benefit from a robust, full-feature point of sale system with unmatched retail management features and capabilities.

  • Flexible Point of Sale
  • Secure EMV Payments
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • PCI Certified NCR Counterpoint Hosting
  • NCR Certified Counterpoint Training
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Manage the Complexities of Your Wholesale Supply Business

Increase Efficiency, Maximize Profit, Streamline Operations

NCR Counterpoint for Wholesale and Contractor Supply Businesses

Running a successful wholesale supply business requires the best software and hardware to accommodate real-time inventory, accurate sales reporting and proper point of sale management. With NCR Counterpoint as the foundation, your wholesale supply business can thrive with efficient POS checkout, customer loyalty and even ecommerce capabilities.

  • Integrated Point of Sale System
  • Customer Quotations
  • Support for Regular, Special and Backorders
  • Bill of Materials
  • Procurement & Vendor Management
  • Multiple Location & Bin Support
  • Serial Number and Warranty Tracking

  • Markup Over Cost
  • Linear Foot & Tare Weight Computation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Statements & Finance Charges
  • Sales Rep Commissions
  • Flexible Accounting Interfaces
  • Promotion & Contract Pricing Options

Reservations & Ticketing Solutions For NCR Counterpoint

Integrate Event Reservations & Ticketing with Your Point of Sale System

Reservations & Ticketing Solutions For NCR Counterpoint

Easily manage a complex spectrum of purchases from kayak tours, to guided expeditions, sightseeing tours, and more. Complex business processes are easily handled allowing you to capitalize on speed and efficiency needed to run a time-sensitive based business.

  • NCR Counterpoint Integration
  • Membership & Donations
  • Seating Modules
  • Resource Management
  • Partner or Consignment Tickets
  • Print at Home Tickets

  • Rentals, Check-Ins, Check-Outs
  • Dynamic Venue Maps
  • Tee Times
  • Web-based Report Builder
  • Custom Developed Modules
  • Unlimited Pricing Levels

Streamline Every Aspect of Your Service & Repair Business

Increase Efficiency to Maximize Your Profits

ServicePoint SQL For NCR Counterpoint SQL and MS SQL Server to streamline your service company’s operation and eliminates the guess work of your day-to-day operations.

ServicePointSQL for NCR Counterpoint automated tools eliminates the guess work of your day-to-day service company’s operations allowing you to make more cost effective decisions in running your Service based business that maximizes your profit potential day after day.

  • Better Service Work Order Management
  • Timely Scheduling / Dispatching
  • Accurate Equipment Management

  • Intuitive Invoicing & Billing
  • Effective Service Contract Management
  • Robust Reporting & Analysis

Manage Your Restaurant, Bar or Food & Beverage Business.

Streamline your Day-to-Day. Grow Your Business. Connect with Your Customers.

Manage Your Restaurant, Bar or Food & Beverage Business.

Streamline your Day-to-Day. Grow Your Business. Connect with Your Customers.

Coming Soon - NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

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NCR Silver Pro – Restaurant Edition

Sleek, Cloud Based Tablet Point of Sale

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant edition has the full feature set of NCR Silver, but with food & beverage specific features and functionality that makes running your restaurant a breeze.

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Available Now! Dinerware POS perfect for Food & Beverage Services

Available Now!
Dinerware Point of Sale

Intuitive. Flexible. Robust.

Spend less time at the screen and more time with your customers. Dinerware POS is very easy to learn and designed for anyone to be up and running in no time.

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Expert Installation, Certified Training and On-Going Support

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Why Successful Businesses Choose C&K Systems

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Successful businesses have entrusted C&K Systems for almost 30 years to deliver reliable solutions to help manage the unique complexities of their businesses. As businesses mature, so do their processes and business requirements.

C&K Systems has earned a solid reputation in the industry by investing in the kind of people who want to take ownership in the mutual successes of our customers. Our staff is uniquely qualified with years of experience implementing solutions in a multitude of diverse business operations and models.

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