Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Counterpoint SQL Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to Counterpoint SQL

Your Counterpoint Point of Sale System works well for you. Your software still provides you with everything you need to run your retail store. But there’s a problem: you’re still running Counterpoint v7 — and it’s putting your business at serious risk. Here are five Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to Counterpoint SQL right now before your outdated system becomes a bigger problem.

Reason #1:
Increased Risk of Downtime & Loss Revenue

  • When everything goes down, your costs go up. Counterpoint v7 hardware and software are no longer supported anymore by regularly released patches or fixes. In other words, if something stops working suddenly, you’re stuck with costly support issues that could shutter your business for days, weeks, or even months.

  • Increased Risk of Downtime with Older Versions of Counterpoint

Consider upgrading to Counterpoint SQL to prevent losing your data or dealing with unexpected downtime, thanks in part by our cloud back-up solution and our expert support teams who can get you up and running fast.

A new, sleek, and intuitive interface that’s easy to adopt. No significant learning curve necessary.

Reason #2:
Older Software Increases Your Risk of Credit Card Errors.

  • Running Older Versions of Counterpoint Puts Your Business at Risk

  • Are you tired of manually entering each credit card charge? That’s the story if you’re attempting to stay EMV compliant. This situation is where costly mistakes happen that can impact revenue and your bottom line.

Counterpoint SQL gives you integrated credit card processing again to keep your sales and reporting always accurate and secure.

Using NCR Secure Pay and Counterpoint SQL, you can integrate all kinds of payment processors using one of PCI’s top point-to-point encryption (P2PE) offerings through Blue Fin.

Reason #3:
Software Integration with Counterpoint V7 Is Clumsy

  • All your favorite apps that made your business more profitable and ran efficiently, no longer integrate with V7. They have moved on to the newer Counterpoint SQL and so should you. This means you have to use a hodgepodge of 3rd Party solutions that are clumsy to integrate and sync your data.

  • Email Marketing & Mobile Capabilites are Clumsy

All the apps (hello, Customer Connect!) that made running your business much easier and more profitable, no longer integrate with Counterpoint v7. That means you have to purchase and use other methods for email marketing, mobile POS, e-commerce, and more not to mention having to sync your data manually.

Get your all your favorite integrated apps back with Counterpoint SQL – plus real-time alerts and data that pulls from directly from your Point of Sale system and back-office business operations. And possibly the best part is that there is no setup or data entry necessary.

Reason #4:
Training Employees On Counterpoint V7 Takes Longer.

  • Training New Employees On Older Software Takes Longer.

  • Older versions of Counterpoint aren’t equipped with an intuitive, modern user interface and advanced controls so it can take longer for new employees to learn and use it efficiently.

The new modern Windows 10 style interface in Counterpoint SQL feels familiar to use and is easier to navigate. Add in the speed and convenience of Touch Screen Point of Sale terminals from NCR hardware, and it makes for significant efficiencies at the point of sale.

With Counterpoint SQL, you can consolidate all your disparate systems to one to achieve multiple tasks, from employee clock-in/clock-out to email marketing, because Counterpoint SQL runs on Windows.

Reason #5 (Most Important):
Instant Savings, Hardware Rebates & Free Training

  • For a limited time, we’re offering a savings of 40% on all new licenses, a $250 rebate on NCR RealPOS XR5 and XR7 Terminals, plus FREE NCR provided Counterpoint Training.*

  • Instant Savings on Counterpoint SQL for Your Business

Upgrading to Counterpoint SQL is easier than you think, and you get the benefit of a familiar, modern retail management system that integrates with what you’re already using, from a partner that knows your business.

Why Risk Your Business a Second More?

Upgrade Now and Save 40% on Your Counterpoint Upgrade.

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* Discounts apply to licenses and options comparable to your current V7 system.

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