Gone In 60 Seconds

Protecting Your Business Against Today’s Data Security Threats

Understanding The Threat

I am sure many of you have seen or heard of the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, well today we live in a world where crimes only takes milliseconds, tomorrow the technological sophistication will make today’s cyber-crime and data security breaches look as obsolete as a black and white TV.

What I am going to tell you is not fiction but hard reality, and it pertains to virtually every device in use in the world that has a computer processor. Coincidentally, this includes virtually every electronic device you can imagine, including ATM’s, computers, appliances, cell phones, cameras, switches, gas pumps, garage door openers, life support systems, automobiles, planes, trains, weaponry of every type, and so much more.

Along with the conveniences we have enjoyed with the improvements in technology, they also have created some very significant and real risks that governments and criminals can exploit. This includes everything from the information stored on these devices, to everything about our lives including, financial, health, and personal records, the safety and privacy of our families, to actual physical control of these devices like baby monitors. This is such a serious situation that everyone should immediately start taking steps in their everyday life to safeguard themselves, their families and their businesses from a potential catastrophe caused by an unknown cyber entity.

Today, it is very easy to obtain someone’s password and to access their information or to access other people’s information through a compromised password. This is only one of the many thousands of ways to get information and control access to devices without you ever knowing the perpetrator was present.

Your Defense: INDEFENSE Managed Security & Services

With the creation of a custom security policy, in partnership with a certified security team of experts, you can be substantially protected against current threats. Although you can significantly reduce your exposure, you will never be able to eliminate it completely. Your life is interconnected with technology, it is not like you can go unplugged, it is just not realistic today. You need a bank account, automobile, or public transportation, telephone and you need and depend on services such as healthcare and government etc. to live. Your personal information is already stored in many vulnerable places, the bad guys only need small pieces to gain additional capabilities including identify theft, fraud and other nefarious activities.

InDefense Security Provides a Comprehensive Suite of Services to Minimize Your Risk in a Data Security Breach

To address the continued sophistication of these attacks and provide our customers with a suite of comprehensive network and data security solutions, we have formed INDEFENSE, a new security division. Our first-hand expertise and experience in credit card security has provided a strong foundation for the security services InDefense provides.

  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • PCI Compliance Consulting
  • Managed Security Services
  • Network Security Audit Reports
  • Security Awareness Training

It is imperative that you understand two key words when it comes to privacy and data security — responsibility and liability. No one, not even the Federal Government can guarantee privacy of all data. You do however have a duty to yourself, your business, your customers and to your family to protect their privacy using reasonable measures.

With the frequency and sophistication growing exponentially, you can contemplate the seriousness and the impact this can have on your business and personal life. You can easily imagine in just a short amount of time what the impacts and damage could be.

Understanding Your Compliance with Data Security Regulations

Data Security Compliance is one of the greatest challenges faced by organizations today. Observing regulatory compliance policies is a requisite for every organization. Sensitive data is always at a risk of being compromised; therefore it has become a mandate to secure sensitive information by establishing network security processes and meeting the guidelines of regulatory bodies. Regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS , FISMA, GLBA, SOX, ISO 27001 and HIPAA require organizations to monitor their network in real-time, ensure high levels of security for their confidential enterprise assets and provide network compliance audit reports to auditors when demanded. It is critical for organizations to observe the regulatory compliance audit guidelines since being non-compliant to the regulatory standards can result in severe penalties.

“Over 500 breaches and 150 million records have been compromised in 2015. “
2015 ITRC Data Breach Report
Although our business focuses on compliance with PCI-DSS regulations, there are many other regulatory requirements that may be required of your business. These compliance regulations have so much in common with each other that the baseline for security is essentially the same. The future may see a universal policy emerge to cover baseline security now that the FCC has regulatory control.
If you accept credit cards in your organization or store any personally identifiable information, there are compliance requirements for your organization.