Dinerware POS

A Complete POS Solution for Food & Beverage

Intuitive, Reliable, Easy to Use Point of Sale Software for Restaurants, Fine-Dining, Bar / Nightclub, Quick Serve and Food Trucks.

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Need Pricing, a Demo or Have Questions?

Let’s Talk About Your Business Requirements

(No Charge/Obligation. Unsubscribe Anytime.)
or (888)476-7911

 Fine Dining Bars / Nightclubs Quick Service Food Trucks
Dinerware POS is perfect for Fine Dining Restaurants

Create a Superior Fine Dining Experience with Dinerware POS

Seamless with No Interruption of Your Excellent Customer Service

Treat your guests to a fine dining restaurant experience like no other with Dinerware POS. Effortlessly transfer from the bar or lounge to your dining room, and their ticket transfers with them, just as smoothly. Also, with Dinerware POS, not only can you quickly split checks into any configuration a guest desires, but you can even split individual items, such as bottles of wine.

With Dinerware POS you can perform impeccable course and meal timing, streamline your in-house communications, keep you guests’ important details at your fingertips. Control your labor costs with real-time reporting and expand your payment options with easy credit card and gift card integration.

Dinerware POS is perfect for Bars and Nightclubs

Easily Handle Busy Nights, Happy Hours, Customer Tabs

Bar-Specific Features Ensure Transactions Move Fast to Keep Guests Happy

Make busy nights easy on your bar staff and waitress while keeping business moving with two-touch FastPay features. You can quickly open and preauthorize bar tabs without holding customers’ credit cards with customizing and applying happy hour discount rules as often as you like. Dinerware POS is perfect for Bars and Nightclubs by keeping your business moving fast so your guests can focus on having a great time

Dinerware POS is perfect for Quick Service Food & Beverage establishments

Dinerware POS Keeps Your Quick Serve Business Moving Fast

Extremely Reliable, Easy to Learn, and Easy to Use

Dinerware POS offers features designed for counter service businesses like yours to keep lines moving fast and keep your customers satisfied. Two-Touch Fast Pay keeps the lines moving during rush hours and you change your menu as often as you like to accommodate. With an integrated kitchen display, you can keep the kitchen staff happy and accurate. You can oversee everything that happens in your business while you access menu items, reports, shifts and more.

Dinerware POS is perfect for Food Trucks and Food Carts

Dinerware POS Gives You Freedom To Roam

Your Business is Mobile. Take Your POS System on the Go.

Dinerware POS is also a mobile POS solution that gives you the freedom to roam while packing all the performance of the in-store system into a small, space-saving footprint. When things are busy and normal employee functions get shoved to the back burner, there’s no need to panic – you can easily manage employee time and attendance in just a few touches. The Fresh Sheet lets you track in real time how many daily specials are still available to help keep your customers’ order process running smoothly.

Dinerware POS is an intuitive full featured Point of Sale System for the Food & Beverage industry.


Spend less time at the screen and more time with your customers. Dinerware POS is very easy to learn and designed for anyone to be up and running in no time.

Dinerware POS is designed to be a flexible, user friendly platform for anyone to quickly get up and running in just a few simple steps.


With just a few simple steps, you can quickly add promos and discounts, quantity adjustments or change happy hour, or even add or hide menu items – all in real-time.

Dinerware POS allows you to manage every aspect of your business with real-time reporting, access to menu items, manage staff, jobs and even tip payouts.


Manage every aspect of your service business including access to more than 80 real-time reports, menu item, discounts, staff, jobs, shifts and even tips.

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Dinerware POS can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels, casinos, cafeterias, golf courses, and wineries.

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Dinerware POS A Complete POS Solution for Food & Beverage

Dinerware POS Software Features

Dinerware POS handles complex bill and ticket splitting between tables, parties, even guests.

Flexible Order & Ticket Handling

  • Transfer tickets to other users
  • Change tables
  • Customize ticket names
  • Split checks
  • Share items
  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets
  • Repeat previously ordered items
  • Hold (and release) menu items to kitchen
  • Use on-screen keyboard to add special requests
  • Change price or quantity of an item
  • View ticket details with Ticket Status Display
  • Tickets are stored forever – ideal for tabs or catering
Dinerware POS allows for flexible pricing to handle promotions, BOGOs, happy hour and more.

Customized Pricing

  • Create Automatic Promotional Discounts
  • Item price and quantity generates dynamically
  • Hide taxes for over-the-bar transactions
  • Create taxation rules
  • Change similarly-priced items in one step (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes)
  • Create happy hour or other promotional discounts
  • Restrict discounts by job
  • Limit Privileges for Voids and Comps
  • Suppress hidden discounts on customer prints
  • Restrict manual discount availability by item
  • Make discounts apply to tickets, items or both
  • Add unlimited void reasons with detailed tracking

With Dinerware POS, you can manage multiple methods of payments and tender.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Integrated credit and gift cards
  • Customize guest check formatting and contents
  • Optional receipt printing (great for counter service)
  • Unlimited split payments on any ticket
  • Split tickets into an unlimited number of payments
  • Multiple cash drawers with balance-by-drawer
  • Use fast pay to close a ticket in two touches
  • Record checks and gift certificates with tips
Easily Configure Menu Items within DInerware POS to maximize speed and efficiency without compromise.

Custom Menu Options

  • Custom Menus for each shift
  • Shared Items Across All Menus
  • Add unlimited menu items
  • Add unlimited screen categories
  • Add unlimited choices (modifiers)
  • Place items into multiple screen categories
  • Create custom menus for certain jobs
  • Select whether choices are optional or required
  • Add one or multiple choices
  • Reuse choices in as many sets as you like
  • Generate additional remote prints using choices

Manage Course timing and food prep with Dinerware POS.

Detailed Kitchen Printing

  • Manage course timing and food preparation.
  • Print choices in red
  • Group similar items on kitchen prints
  • Route prints based on job
  • Sort tickets by seat position
  • Printers can be assigned multiple roles
Dinerware POS allows you manage your labor force and take care of HR matters with ease.

Labor / HR Management

  • Create,edit and delete unlimited jobs
  • Automatically calculate overtime pay
  • Edit timesheets from any terminal
  • Employees show red when close to overtime
  • Access complete employee database
  • View employees’ personal information

Dinerware POS  includes an e-mail system so you can communicate with your employees more effectively.

Unified Communications

  • Access more than 80 built-in reports
  • Message of the Day appears on the login screen.
  • Send a message to one or more employees.
  • Messages appear on the “Personal Page.”
  • Restrict access to email functions.
  • Restrict access to broadcast messages.
  • A complete record of all messages is kept in the database.
Dinerware POS has more than 80 built-in reports that you can access with a few touches

Robust Reporting

  • Access more than 80 built-in reports
  • Instantly access daily reports
  • Print on receipt printers, and preview on screen
  • Database stores all information permanently
  • Track audit trail of items sold
  • Create reports from all data with unlimited history
  • View reports on screen
  • Save reports as PDF, Excel, .csv, .rtf or other formats
  • See, access and use the underlying data

Dinerware Home Office:

Take Dinerware Wherever You Go, From Restaurant to the Road.

  • Dinerware Home Office Connects you to  your Restaurants to keep you updated on the go.
  • You’re constantly on the go while operating a bar or restaurant. Now you can access the same Dinerware management features as before, on-site or away. So whether you want to update your menu on the road or add last-minute happy hour discounts, Dinerware Home Office makes it easy as pie.

    • Access Your Store from Any laptop, tablet or mobile device
    • Views of real-time data and past business performance
    • Schedule Reports to be emailed.
    • Access All Your Locations from a Single Dashboard
    • See Your Data Visually with Intuitive Charts & Graphs
    • Make Menu Changes or Add Discounts in real-time, as often as you like
    • Immediately update fresh sheets and messages of the day