How Retailers Can Build Customer Loyalty Programs With Counterpoint

How Retailers Can Build Customer Loyalty Programs With Counterpoint

You could increase your customer loyalty and retention by 30% just by adding one aspect to your business.

Loyalty programs and gift cards may not sound like a major solution, but it generates some major results. By creating ways for customers to save or receive benefits, you also give them more reason to shop at your business.

Still not sold? Keep reading for the top four reasons why a customer loyalty program will keep customers coming back for more.

1. Keeps Customers Engaged

If you’ve felt the high of getting a major deal on a something, then you know exactly why customer loyalty programs work.

There are so many different types of loyalty programs that give customers different benefits. By rolling out different kinds of benefits, like discounts or free rewards, customers will keep their eyes peeled for more of your deals.

Keeping their attention is invaluable for your business and also keeps your services at the forefront of their mind. If they know they can get a good deal at your business by staying engaged, they will.

2. Get Referrals For New Business

What’s the first thing you do when you’re excited about something? Tell your family and friends about it.

Just like that, you’re drumming up more business. When customers are happy with the products they receive and get a good deal on top of that, they will gladly tell others about it.

And surveys show that this form of advertising is the most credible and trustworthy in customers’ eyes. These kinds of referrals significantly increase your customer loyalty and retention.

3. Saves Money Over Time

Not only do loyalty programs bring benefits for your customers. They benefit your business.

Creating a loyalty program may sound like an overwhelming task. But loyalty programs will actually save you money.

Pouring valuable income into marketing and advertising that’s not effective is frustrating. Creating a loyalty program actually costs less and is much better for actually getting customers in the door.

You will use your money wisely and benefit your business simultaneously.

4. Creates a Lasting Customer Relationship

An invaluable benefit of loyalty programs is the relationships they create with your customers.

Offering incentive gets them in the door. Then customers get the opportunity to see what your business is all about.

Be sure to consider the types of customers you want to target and tailor their benefits to their interests. Create an experience for them that makes them want to continue to use your products and services.

Customer Loyalty Programs Build Your Business

Don’t count your business out.

By taking the time to develop a loyalty program that works for you and your customers, you’re creating a better experience for everyone. And when it creates customer loyalty and retention while saving you money, it’s really a no-brainer.

Not sure if your business type will work for this kind of program? We can help you leverage the built-in loyalty and gift card program in Counterpoint to build your business. Let’s work together to get customers coming back time and time again.

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