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iVend Enterprise

Enterprise-class Retail Management Software
Centralize Your Operations
Data-driven Decision Making
Drive Your Business Growth
Place the right data at the heart of your business decisions

Place the right data at the core of your business decisions

iVend Enterprise is an enterprise-class retail management software that provides you with the resources to manage your operations on an enterprise-level from the head office – including sales forecasting, replenishment planning, promotions, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more. iVend Enterprise then replicates this key data across your entire retail estate.

iVend Enterprise Brings Together Your Retail Channels

Sales & Marketing

Systems & Technology

Inventory & Data

Physical & Digital

Customers & Vendors


iVend Enterprise is at the core of your business

The core of iVend Retail, iVend Enterprise manages master data and tracks sales, refunds, returns, store credits, and inventory in real-time from all stores and sales channels.
iVend Enterprise Deployment Landscape

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Why iVend Enterprise Retail?

iVend Enterprise provides extensive retail management insight into all aspects of your business.

Maximize Sales Potential

Give customers every potential opportunity to purchase products, regardless of where inventory is physically warehoused with multiple sales channels.

Better enterprise-wide insights

Centralized data storage in iVend Enterprise gives retailers near real-time access to sales, labor and inventory levels for strategic decision making.

Superior customer experience

There is one way to ensure a consistent customer experience across stores and channels and that is with iVend Enterprise.

Single stock pool

iVend Enterprise takes the guesswork and manual processes out of inventory management to provide you with a single stock pool for fulfillment.

iVend Inventory Management

Powerful Enterprise Management Technology

iVend Enterprise is the central repository for managing your complex retail enterprise.

Native features bring better and effective operations management including automatic updates, universal product management, and theft prevention features.

Master data management on everything from prices to promotions and real-time data replication for visibility across the entire network.

Maintain a real-time, single stock pool for management efficiency, confident fulfillment, and efficient replenishment.

Trusted Integrations

For enterprise-class retailers iVend Enterprise integrates easily with any standard business management, merchandise or ERP solution using iVend APIs, which, with the rest of iVend Retail, makes a fully comprehensive omnichannel solution.

iVend integrations to leading ERP Systems and more.

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