iVend Loyalty – Make Your Brand the Destination of Choice
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iVend Loyalty

Reward customers for the way they shop
Modernize your loyalty program
Deepen customer relationships
Increase customer retention
iVvend-Loyalty - Make Your Store Their Destination of Choice

Are your stores the destination of choice?

Getting customers into your stores is one thing, ensuring they come back again is a different challenge.  Why not focus on the customer base you already have as an effective strategy to drive customer loyalty and increase your revenue?

Build personal experiences around your customer

iVend Loyalty is a flexible points & rewards management application that is available both digitally or on a card, with accrual across by points, visits, or purchases and is redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items, or other rewards of the retailer’s choosing.

iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes modernizes your offers and loyalty programs.
Redefining the Rules of Traditional Customer Loyalty

The retail landscape has changed. So has customer loyalty.

Download our free whitepaper, “Redefining the Rules of Traditional Loyalty” to uncover the value of building shopper trust and customer loyalty in today’s retail environment.

ivend Loyalty - Secure, Self Service Customer Portal

Offer a Secure, Self-Service Loyalty Portal

Provide your customers with an easy to access, mobile-friendly way to manage their account with you.

ivend Loyalty - Secure, Self Service Customer Portal

Customers Access:

Account access via any device

Manage billing and contact info

View their transaction histories

Manage multiple loyalty accounts

Retailers Access:

Manage cardholder accounts

Update cardholder profiles

Edit marketing email templates

Customize portal registration pages


How to acquire and retain more customers with iVend Loyalty

Retailers that use iVend Loyalty and all complementary applications of iVend Cloud Retail have gained significant benefits in customer retention and increasing their revenues.

What makes iVend Loyalty different?

NCR Counterpoint POS FAQs

Offering a loyalty program helps you grow your business by offering special incentives to repeat customers that build your customer base and increase revenue with repeat sales. 

iVend Loyalty as an application is licensed as an on-premises solution where the activation of the application is a one-time fee.

Since the software deals with creating and managing loyalty cards, these cards are licensed as an annual recurring component based on the number of cards licensed.

iVend Loyalty 2.0 has three component i.e. Enterprise Component, iVend Loyalty client, and iVend Loyalty APIs. All these three components can be installed on a single machine or different machine.

Use the “Configuration Manager” to configure connectivity to the Loyalty database and iVend Retail instance.

A Global Configuration Wizard is normally used to configure the minimum configuration requirements to run the application which includes configuring Loyalty plans from template-based options. The loyalty plans can either be fixed or cumulative.

Seamless integration between iVend Loyalty and iVend Retail ensures that customer-specific information is available at the POS for the cashier.

Once a customer is selected at the POS, his current points are displayed to the cashier. The customer has the option to utilize his loyalty points as a tender defined in iVend Retail.

The points accumulated are integrated into iVend Loyalty and iVend Retail on the completion of the transaction at the POS.

Each time a transaction is completed in iVend Retail the customer registered for Loyalty is rewarded as per configuration. The data flows transparently through the enterprise behind the scenes across system and network boundaries.

The application also comes with standard e-mail templates that can be used to communicate with the customers. These templates can be used to inform the customer on their loyalty point statuses.

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