Managed Anti-Virus & Monitoring

Proactive Endpoint Security & Management

C&K Systems utilizes PC Matic PRO for Managed Anti-virus & Monitoring to protect your business endpoint security, while blocking more threats than any other competitor.

100% Developed and Supported in the USA.

Managed Anti-Virus & Monitoring

Other Products Treat Symptoms, PC Matic Pro Is the Cure.

All other Managed Anti-Virus and Monitoring products just treat the symptoms of viruses, malware and unauthorized access. PC Matic is the cure and the revolution in computing – to make us all secure again and to keep us secure against future threats.

  1. 100% Detection Rates1
  2. Award-Winning
  3. Whitelist Technology
  4. NEXT-Generation Remediation
  5. Remote Administration

  1. Proactive Protection
  2. Cloud Based Console
  3. Virtual Machine Security
  4. Active Directory Server Support
  5. Single Pane of Glass Dashboard

1 AV Comparatives March 2017 Comprehensive Involuntary Malware Test

How PC Matic Pro Prevents Infections

PC Matic PRO is the Superior Managed Anti-Virus & Management Software suite for Endpoint Protection and includes the world’s only endpoint Whitelist. The Whitelist provides advanced protection against APTs (advanced persistent threats), zero-day attacks, ransomware, and polymorphic viruses.

Real-Time Whitelisting

Real-Time Whitelisting

Whitelist technology blocks all unwanted and unsafe programs from executing, keeping your endpoints secured and more reliable.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Keep your endpoints running at peak performance, and increase employee productivity and efficiency with less downtime.

Superior Security

Superior Security

Our enhanced security program protects your business from all modern cyber threats, including ransomware.

Cloud Based Console

Cloud Based Console

Increasing efficiency and flexibility for IT Administrators, by allowing remote administration for user management and maintenance.

Multi-Device Compatible

Multi-Device Functionality

Designed with mobility and convenience in mind, IT Administrators are able to access the software through various devices.

Powerful Automation

Powerful Automation

We do the work for you with our automated maintenance of your endpoints, for continual maintenance and protection.

Whitelisting Explained:
Would You Give Your House Key To The Bad Guys?
How do you know all who enter your house can be trusted with a key? Sure, you could create a list of all known criminals and if they’re not on that list, they’re allowed in. However, if you have a list of individuals you know and trust to allow in, securing your home is just as easy. Real-Time Whitelisting from PC Matic works in the same regard by maintaining an active list of trusted applications deemed safe, yet stops unknown, “bad-actor” applications from running on your systems.

Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks

Ransomware is quickly becoming a global epidemic for businesses that rely on technology. PC Matic Pro’s proactive whitelist solution is the only solution to completely block ransomware before it can encrypt your data and cost your business thousands.

Proudly Made in The USA

PC Matic PRO is the only product that is 100% developed, managed and supported in the United States. For example, McAfee (Intel Security) and Symantec do their development in India and their malware research in the Philippines. We believe that it is in the interest of our economy and our national security to keep these jobs at home.

Managed Anti-Virus by PC Matic
Managed Anti-Virus & Monitoring

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