2B-Inventory For NCR Counterpoint – Mobile Inventory Management

2B-Inventory For NCR Counterpoint

Mobile Inventory & Warehouse Management Solutions

2B-Inventory For NCR Counterpoint is Powerful, Simple, Portable and Accurate mobile solution for inventory and warehouse management. Guaranteed.

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Manage Your Inventory with 2B Mobile Solutions

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  • 2B Inventory mobile inventory and warehouse management solutions
  • Accurate Inventory. Smart & Efficient.

    2B-Inventory mobile inventory and warehouse management solutions for NCR Counterpoint are designed for retailers and warehouses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a rugged hand-held mobile device with barcode scanner to manage inventory and store information. Manage store and inventory information from one easy to use mobile application.

    • Fast Item Lookup
    • Receiving / Transfer In
    • Physical Count

    • Transfers
    • Mobile Tickets / Orders
    • Purchase Requests

Quick & Easy Access To Item Information

Quick and easy access to item information –even check quantities at other locations! View items details such as current stock quantity, price, margin, SKU, description,department, category, bin and last sale date. Item edit and real-time lookup included.

Accurate Physical Inventory

Save time, improve accuracy and ease the burden of physical inventory. Scan the barcode of inventory items to record actual store quantities. Quickly transfer scanned information from 2B-Inventory to Counterpoint to calculate differences in recorded and actual inventory.

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More Efficient Receiving / Transfers

Increase efficiency of receiving merchandise. Scan items (or manually enter item code for items with no barcode) and enter quantities received (including serialized inventory). Included are multiple options for receiving inventory: auto-PO reconciliation, choose a PO or choose a supplier.

Simplify Your Transfer Processing

Simplify the task of issuing and requesting transfers in multi-location environments. Simply choose to and from location and add items by scanning a barcode, entering an item number manually, or searching for an item. **NEW** Create quick transfers and transfer requests

Process Mobile Tickets / Orders

Create tickets on the go or for line busting! Enter customer, items, and quantities. Use the one click transfer to update your point of sale database with the customer and ticket information. Recall ticket or order from the point of sale to complete the transaction. If customer is selected, price rules will automatically apply!

Smarter Inventory Purchasing Decisions

Make smarter buying decisions. With 2B-Inventory, you have the choice of creating a purchase request based on the supplier you choose or let 2B-Inventory create the purchase request(s) based on the items primary vendor. Choose your preference and begin scanning items…2B-Inventory will do the rest! Simplified purchasing!

  • 2B Inventory Price Checker
  • Price Check/Gift Card Kiosk

    Give your customers instant access to item information. 2B-Price Check is a self service kiosk solution that streamlines your operations and delights your customers!

    • Direct real-time connection to your CounterPoint database.
    • Display your company logo or other info on the always visible header
    • Scanned item will display the price (including applicable price rules), description and SKU.