Loyalty & Gift Cards for NCR Counterpoint

Drive Repeat Business, Build Brand Loyalty

The built-in loyalty Programs and gift cards in NCR Counterpoint can unlock your customers’ purchasing power, while creating stronger customer retention and brand loyalty.

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  • Increase Your Lifetime Customer Value

    An Accenture report found 90%+ of companies use loyalty programs. The same report states 57% of members spend more when programs are offered. This increased loyalty builds brand advocacy. Customers buy gift cards for others to bring others on board to their favorite brands. Perhaps you’ve noticed the built-in loyalty and gift card programs in NCR Counterpoint POS software but you’re not sure if they’re worth the hassle.

The ROI of Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

  • Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Cheap Cost Per Acquisition

    Cheap Cost Per Acquisition

    Loyalty and Gift Card programs are like free money for the recipient to explore your brand. A great experience creates two long-term customers. Both parties will likely discuss the pleasant experience and return for repeat business.

  • Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Decayed Profits

    Decayed Profits

    Gift cards have a slow decay of about five years. There is a good chance a recipient won’t use them past the first, few months. Meaning money in your pocket for selling the card without needing to deliver.

  • Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Low Cost Promotions

    Low-Cost Promotions

    A gift card and loyalty program increases brand awareness while generating new sales leads in the long run. You can also leverage a gift card or loyalty program to gain social media followers.

  • Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Upsell Opportunity

    Upsell Opportunity

    Create profitable upsell opportunities for your business with loyalty and gift card programs for NCR Counterpoint. Customers are enticed to spend more to get a small gift card bonus that can later return with for additional purchases.

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NCR Counterpoint & Loyalty Programs Key Features

Generate New Business With Loyalty and Gift Cards Inside NCR Counterpoint

  • Loyalty & Gift Cards - Flexible Points Redemption

    Flexible Points Redemption

    Create and run multiple loyalty programs at a time in NCR Counterpoint. The built-in loyalty program system in the Counterpoint Point of Sale System let’s you set different ways your customers can qualify and redeem their points for future purchases.

    Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Structure Your Loyalty Program

    Easy Setup on Maximum Number of Points

    Within your Point of Sale system, you can setup the maximum number of points for a single ticket, the dollar amount for each point as well as set limits on points granted for items on sale.

    Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Structure Your Loyalty Program

    Creative Ways to Structure Your Loyalty Program

    You can build your loyalty program to award points based on days of the week, store or other variables. Your loyalty programs can even be tied to items and item category, even specific vendors.

    Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards - Points and Cards

    Points and Cards at the Point of Sale

    Adding gift cards into the mix allows you to activate, process and reload cards right from the point of sale screens. Tracking balances is a breeze- all inside of Counterpoint.

  • Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards for Counterpoint
Card Marketing Services - Custom Branded Gift Cards

Make A Great First Impression With Branded Gift Cards

Card Marketing Services, our partner in Gift Card Marketing, can customize your gift cards programs with custom designed gift card products and other presentation devices such as Point of purchase stands, decals and window clings. All custom designed to make a well orchestrated visual impact to build customer loyalty and retention.

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