MCP Connect - NCR Counterpoint to Magento Integration

NCR Counterpoint SQL to Magento Integration

MCP Connect is the preferred solution for an NCR Counterpoint SQL to Magento Integration allowing you to harness the flexibility of Magento eCommerce platform and NCR Counterpoint SQL Retail Point of Sale Software. Previous offerings available to NCR Counterpoint SQL users were relatively inflexible SAAS (software as a service) platforms with limited ability to customize, integrate and grow. MCP Connect allows NCR Counterpoint SQL retailers to build custom, flexible websites in Magento that helps attract more store traffic, convert online browsers into buyers and helps increase online revenue.

  • About MCP Connect

    MCP Connect is jointly developed by Magento Enterprise PartnerInteractOne, and C&K Systems, one of the largest and most successful Authorized Platinum NCR Retail Solution Providers in the nation.

    The MCP Connect team includes Certified NCR Counterpoint Technicians, Certified Magento Enterprise Developers, design specialists and eCommerce marketing experts to ensure a fully implemented and integrated eCommerce solution. Every NCR Counterpoint Connector project benefits from the experience and track record of these two market leaders. NCR Counterpoint SQL customers now have a choice for eCommerce integration into Magento Ecommerce!
  • Got Mobile?

    Businesses using a NCR Counterpoint SQL retail point of sale system can now take advantage of the fast-growing online mobile channels. How long will you wait for a solution? The rate of growth in eCommerce is amazing. Hundreds of billions are already being spent online, with billions of dollars added to the pile each year. Mobile point of sale purchases, just a blip on the chart in 2009, now account for more than 1 in 5 eCommerce purchases worldwide. A mobile-friendly eCommerce website is no longer a “nice-to-have” item, it’s a necessity. A mobile version of your Magento store, along with the many other marketing, merchandising and administrative advantages inherent in Magento Enterprise, can position your business for spectacular growth.

Magento Features

    1. Order import
    2. Tracking numbers
    3. Online purchases and orders import
    4. Updates store item quantity, price and description
    5. Customer creation
    6. Location-specific pricing and inventory quantities
    7. Support for Gridded Items
    1. Order import batching for high volume sites
    2. Custom mapping tables for payment and shipping methods
    3. Capable of updating as many as 30 custom item attributes
    4. Supports normal, gridded and alternate unit items
    5. User-friendly program for managing inventory, customers and orders
    1. Interfaces with an unlimited number of eCommerce databases
    2. Bulk importing of new products, categories, images and customers
    3. Desktop software for managing your eCommerce database
    4. Add-on integration with eBay, Amazon, etc.

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