A comprehensive merchandise analysis systems designed to help retailers leverage their most important asset – their inventory.


  • SMART requires an initial investment in time and attention to build out a realistic plan, and diligence to maintain it as you go through the year or a season. But it can yield dramatic results quickly in most situations, from increased sales to leaner inventories and reduced markdowns and overstocks. It’s a tool that in the hands of a fully committed retailer can profoundly improve financial performance.

    Our SMART system integrates with NCR CounterPoint SQL so that tracking and updating of sales and inventory management data is automatic, all you have to do is analyze the data to make informative decisions. By adjusting the turn rates you can see how much inventory is needed to meet the demand. It takes the guesswork out of merchandising issues by protecting against under/over buying and enabling you to effectively discount and move merchandise.

  • SMART Merchandise Analysis Tool

    With C&K System’s SMART, you can make your business more efficient and more profitable by really understanding how departments, classes, and vendors are performing in your stores before you waste valuable inventory dollars.