NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS

Sell Anywhere with Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS brings you out from behind the counter to better serve your customers. Ring up sales from your iPhone, iPad or iPod iOS device.

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Need Pricing, a Demo or Have Questions?
Let’s Talk About Your Business Requirements

We take your privacy seriously. No spam. See our terms & privacy here.
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  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS - Mobile Point of Sale Solution
  • Redefine the Sales Experience

    NCR Counterpoint Mobile Point of Sale means you can sell your products and provide customer service wherever your customers gather: events, sidewalks, tradeshows, virtually anywhere. The Inventory Management in CP Mobile helps you stay on top of inventory across stores and locations.

NCR Counterpoint Mobile Key Features:

  • Available For iPod Touch (4th or 5th Generation), iPhone (4, 5, or 6 series) or iPad (2 or later)
  • Sell anywhere with mobile POS capabilities and accept credit card, cash, A/R or check payments
  • Scan barcodes and swipe credit cards with NCR’s high quality hardware
  • Integrates with NCR Counterpoint POS to process payments and inventory updates in real-time
  • View recent customer purchases
  • Share devices across stores
  • Offer secure, fast payment processing wherever customers are
  • Build a customer database for email marketing
  • Leverage flexible subscription pricing to meet seasonal sales demand

NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS Key Features

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Perform Mobile Inventory with NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS

Perform Complete Inventory Functions

NCR Counterpoint Mobile is a multi-function device. In addition to line busting, you can complete physical counts, adjustments, and receivings with a CP Mobile solution.

  • Conduct physical counts
  • Check inventory and prices on the spot
  • Enter inventory adjustments
  • Receive inventory

Provide Rapid Customer Service

NCR Counterpoint Mobile enables clerks to engage with customers more fully by answering questions and providing faster sales support. Empower your sales staff to line-bust, perform product look-ups as well as accelerate the speed of service your customers crave by adding a CP Mobile POS Solution to your retail environment.

Provide Rapid Customer Service with NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS