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Are you getting the most out of your way of learning Counterpoint?

Are you getting the most out of your way of learning Counterpoint?

E-Learning, help screens and manuals are designed for mass consumption, not engaging enough, and certainly not tailored to your individual and unique business needs.  Without proper NCR Counterpoint training, how will you ever reach your fullest potential in the software?

Our Approach to Counterpoint Training

We start with a discovery call to learn about your specific software challenges, unique business needs, and day to day operations.  We then build a Counterpoint Training experience around your goals.

Industry Experience

Our trainers have decades of retail industry experience at multiple levels.

We speak your language

and understand that no two businesses are alike.

A multi-faceted approach

We can train from the ground up or expand on your existing knowledge.

Format Options

On site or remote* software training to save time and money. Training-the-trainer or your entire staff.

* Due to the current global pandemic, we are only offering remote, web based training at this time.

Our Counterpoint Training Packages

We offer the following training packages with content tailored to your specific business needs.

Beginner Training

Navigation, customizing, saving and recalling views, lookups, filters and zooms.

Building normal and gridded items, creating alternate units and preferred purchasing units.

Updating/correcting quantity and cost values of an item master.

Building and managing purchasing documents.

Documenting merchandise received from a vendor with or without a purchase order.

Store to store merchandise movement.

Open, close, sales processing and end of day reporting.

Intermediate User(s)

Purchasing based on sales, Days of Supply and re-order points.

Set re-order points based on sales and days of supply.

Merchandise distribution based on re-order points.

Building Sales History and Merchandise Analysis reports, auditing and loss prevention.

Auto discounting based on customer and merchandise criteria.

Performing wall to wall and physical counts

Building gift basket with and without choices.

Advanced User(s)

Renaming fields, making required fields and adding key word searches.

Renaming Tab, buttons and pop up messages.

Item and Customer Merge, renumber items, vendors and customers.

Reward programs for customer purchases.

Importing/Exporting data in and out of Counterpoint.

Changing security and menu codes, setting up discount and reason codes, touch screen design, creating profile fields.


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2. The Specifics

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3. Your Time(s)

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What Our Clients Say

How a few of our clients have reached success with their Counterpoint training experience.

"Concise and is always so willing to explain something again or go into more detail whenever asked. Always fun and upbeat! really makes learning fun!"

Diana S
Axmen / The BTO Inc

"The information that was gained during that one hour was amazing!!"

Debbie G
Didier Farms

"Great teacher and so incredibly knowledgable"
Johanna Q.
Rebecca’s Apothecary

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Top5 Reports You Should be Using in Counterpoint

NCR Counterpoint Tutorials Library

Our NCR Certified Counterpoint trainers have compiled an extensive library of quick tips and how to videos tutorials, covering a range of Counterpoint software and retail business management topics. These tutorials cover everything from inventory, reporting, configuration and much more.