NCR Customer Connect – Email Marketing for NCR Counterpoint

NCR Customer Connect

Integrated Email Marketing for NCR Counterpoint
Connect With Customers
Deepen Brand Loyalty
Drive Sales & Profit
NCR Customer Connect - Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

Grow your business with integrated email marketing

NCR Customer Connect’s email marketing capabilities enable you to connect with your customers, will deepen brand loyalty and drive sales. NCR Customer Connect integrates with your existing Counterpoint point of sale system with ease.

Market like a pro with automated, recurring campaigns

With NCR Customer Connect, you can set up automated recurring email marketing campaigns to welcome new customers, send birthday offers and keep customers informed of current sales and specials. Once you create the email campaign, it will be sent out automatically going forward.
NCR Counterpoint - Email Marketing - Customer Connect
NCR Customer Connect for NCR Counterpoint allows you to segment your customers into value lists to maximize profit and sales.

Leverage Customer Data

Build targeted customer email marketing segments with specific demographics such as purchase history, preferences, birthday, and more. Enhance the power of these segments by tying them into to rewards and loyalty programs or product specific groups.

Never import an email list again.

With an integrated email marketing solution and NCR Counterpoint, you can utilize one set of customer data. At the point of sale, new customers that provide an email address are automatically added to your email address list within NCR Customer Connect.
NCR Customer Connect is integrated into your NCR Counterpoint POS system. At the Point of Sale, the email addresses you enter are automatically added to NCR Customer Connect
NCR Customer Connect allows you to track your sales results based on your email campaign activity.

Easily track sales resuls

Campaign reporting ties open rates and clicks to the sales that are being generated by your campaigns.  See the true ROI of your email marketing efforts with NCR Customer Connect.

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