NCR Counterpoint Training

An On-Going Investment
for Retail Success.

NCR Counterpoint Training with C&K Systems is an on-going experience designed to not only assist you before and during initial installation, but also ensure a highly profitable return on your investment after installation is complete.

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Maximize Your Return on Your Investment by working with our NCR Certified Counterpoint Trainers.

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Maximize Your Return on Your Investment by working with our NCR Certified Counterpoint Trainers.

 Why NCR Counterpoint Training? Resource Library

Training Is Not Just a Single Event

On-Going Education Ensures Maximum ROI on Your Investment

NCR Counterpoint Training - an on-going investment for retail success

Your tailored NCR Counterpoint Training experience is designed to educate you and your team from the pre-installation and setup stages through your “go-live” date and is continued with ongoing refresher NCR Counterpoint training for the life of your system operation. This approach ensures that you and your team are using your NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale System to its fullest potential and reinforces the on-going ROI of your system investment. Knowledgeable and confident team members build successful customer experiences for your business.

  1. Experienced and NCR Certified Counterpoint trainers
  2. On-Site or web-based remote sessions available
  3. Continuing education courses available
  4. Customized, client-centric training to suit your unique retail business
  5. Introductory to Advance Skill Level Courses
  6. Training for corporate personnel to point of sale users
  7. Available consulting services are tailored to your business’ best practices
  8. Syllabus / check lists approach to track topical progress for basic and advanced courses.

Available NCR Counterpoint Training Packages

Beginner Training

Basics & Fundamentals
Item Entry
Point of Sale Fundamentals

Intermediate User(s)

Purchasing Advice
Min/Max Advice
Transfer Advice
Price Rules
Physical Inventory
Bills of Material / Sales Kits

Advanced User(s)

Data Dictionary
Text Dictionary
Loyalty Programs
Data Interchange

NCR Counterpoint Training Resources

Video Tutorials, Whitepapers and More to Further Your Training Experience

Counterpoint Learning Materials

Coming soon, we will be posting informative, knowledge rich whitepapers to guide you along to mastering NCR Counterpoint as a successful retailer. Check back often as we continue to expand our training and learning resources for NCR Counterpoint.

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