Partner With C&K Systems

Let’s Build Something Amazing Together

  • Strategic Partnerships Build Success

    As one of the nation’s top Retail VARS (Value added Reseller), we offer a combined 100 years of technical, application and process experience to help our partners become successful.

    As a strategic C&K Partner, we can provide you with the necessary training, support, project management, and installation assistance to become a successful retail systems integrator/VAR.

    Our Experience

    We can provide your customers with hosted access to NCR’s Specialty Retail Software and Hardware platforms. As an added benefit, your partnership can be expanded to include our sister companies offerings in data security and software development and integration.

    From our inception, over 25 years ago, we have built tried and proven processes that can scale with an organization as they grow. Our partner model is designed for companies who want to achieve strong recurring revenue and maximize ROI without the burden of added payroll.

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