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Commerce Solutions for Specialty Retail, Wholesale / Distribution, Service Contractors, and Attractions.

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NCR Counterpoint, a robust point-of-sale, inventory management software suite, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

Commerce Made Complete

With configurable features and add-ons, NCR Counterpoint can be customized to handle the unique business processes of your industry. NCR Counterpoint provides your business with the versatility to perform commerce your way on any device at anytime, anywhere so you can deliver an amazing customer experience.

  • NCR Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways to minimize errors and maximize profits. Our all-encompassing software ensures that you can deliver an amazing anytime, anywhere customer experience.

    NCR RealPOSTM POS Terminals

    Brains and brawn meet beauty to give you impressive point-of-sale hardware.

  • Key Features

    • Flexible Point of Sale
    • Robust Order Entry
    • Advanced Pricing Options
    • BOGO/2FER Pricing
    • Customer Management
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Gift Cards & Loyalty Included
    • Grids, Kits and Alternate Units
    • Purchasing / Procurement
    • Replenishment & Transfers
    • Merchandise Analysis
    • Robust Sales Analysis

    • Integrated Payments w/EMV
    • Ecommerce Integration
    • Employee Time Cards
    • Retail Security Controls
    • Cloud or Premise Based
    • Off-line Ticket Entry
    • Mobile Point of Sale
    • Multi-Store / Location Support
    • Multi-State / County Tax Support
    • Open API
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Configured To Your Business

NCR Counterpoint Hosting for Retailers.
NCR Counterpoint Hosting for Retailers.

PCI Certified NCR Counterpoint Hosting

Enterprise Grade, Audit Ready Counterpoint Environments

Provide your shoppers with a secure retail environment by securing their card data with our PCI Certified NCR Counterpoint Hosting and PCI Compliance Preparedness Solutions.

Key Features

  • PCI Certified Counterpoint Hosting
  • VISA Validated Hosting Environments
  • PCI-QIR Certified Installations
  • PCI Compliance Assistance

  • Infrastructure Asset Management
  • One-Phone Call Complete Support
  • 24/7 Engineering Support
  • 99.999% Uptime Guaranteed

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Omni-Channel API Integration for all Your Diverse Platforms and Systems. NCR Counterpoint SQL, Omni-Channel API Integrations, PCI Managed Security
Omni-Channel API Integration for all Your Diverse Platforms and Systems. NCR Counterpoint SQL, Omni-Channel API Integrations, PCI Managed Security

Integration Solutions for NCR Counterpoint

We Can Bridge The Gap Between Your Platforms & Systems.

Our custom integrations to NCR Counterpoint provide quick and easy access to more efficient retail business operations as well as scalability to incorporate new and emerging technologies as they come onboard in your business.

Ecommerce Integrations

More About Counterpoint Integration
NCR Certified Counterpoint Training
NCR Certified Counterpoint Training

NCR Certified Counterpoint Training

An On-going Investment for Your Retail Success.

We offer our customers “World Class” NCR Counterpoint Training as we invest heavily in the development of training aids and materials. Our knowledgeable, expert trainers bring real world industry insight and in-store experience to impart the necessary knowledge, ideas and procedures to make a positive impact on your business. It is a proven fact that the investment you make in training is the single greatest contributor to realizing the full ROI potential of your Point Of Sale System.

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Commerce Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Many types of industries rely on Commerce Solutions from NCR Counterpoint to track their inventory, manage their vendors, and sell their goods in store and online.

Create the Anytime, Anywhere Customer Experience.

While you’re impressing your customers, our software is behind the scenes, ensuring that everything from inventory management to front-of-house is a seamless experience.

NCR Counterpoint Mobile keeps you close to your customers by allowing you ring up sales anywhere your customers gather.

Mobile Point of Sale

NCR Counterpoint Mobile brings you out from behind the counter to better serve your customers. Ring up sales from your iPhone, iPad or iPod iOS device.

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Integrated Ecommerce

Seamless ecommerce integration with NCR Counterpoint means online products, quantities and prices are always up-to-date and online orders are available within NCR Counterpoint.

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Integrate NCR Counterpoint with NCR Retail Online or one of our many ecommerce integrations to truly provide a seamless shopping experience, anytime, anywhere.
NCR Counterpoint allows you to keep in touch with your customers and harness the customer data to market through email marketing campaigns.

Integrated Email Marketing

Interact With Customers While Deepening Loyalty, Driving Sales, Maximizing Profit with NCR Customer Connect Email Marketing.

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SMS Store Alerts

NCR Smart Alerts for Counterpoint send you instant SMS or email alerts of potentially fraudulent situations, store operations and see daily sales figures with POS data.

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NCR Counterpoint keeps you informed with NCR Smart Alerts. SMS notifications keeps you in touch with your store wherever you are.

Successful Businesses Choose C&K Systems

Our highly trained, expert professionals are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in data security while providing 24/7/363 support.

  • PCI-QIR Certified Installers

  • VISA Validated Service Provider

  • NCR Certified

  • 24/7/363 Customer Service