Engage Customers On The Sales Floor with NCR Counterpoint Mobile Point of Sale

  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile brings you out from behind the counter to interact with customers.

    With NCR Counterpoint Mobile, you can run your business from the sales floor, as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. A CP Mobile point of sale solution with NCR Counterpoint also means you can sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales and trade shows.

  • NCR Counterpoint Mobile Point of Sale allows you to step out from the counter and sell from anywhere, increasing sales, improving check-out time, and maximizing efficiency in your retail business.

CP Mobile Point of Sale tools empower sales staff to line-bust, perform product inquiries, gather customer data as well as accelerate the speed of service and enhancing customer satisfaction.


  • Perform Inventory Functions

    NCR Counterpoint Mobile is a multi-function device. In addition to line busting, you can complete physical counts, transfers, and other actions.

  • Rapidly Handle Customer Inquiries

    Use the item look-up functionality to check inventory counts instantly. Your sales people will never have to go to the storage room to check stock again.

  • Connect With Customers

    NCR Counterpoint Mobile enables clerks to engage with customers more fully by answering questions and providing faster sales support.

  • Redefine The Sales Experience

    Turn your cashiers into retail sales consultants, providing targeted assistance when and where customers need it. Accelerate the checkout process by taking transactions directly to customers, reducing long lines at checkout and improving the shopping experience.