Process Credit Card Payments in a PCI-DSS Compliant Manner with NCR Secure Pay

  • Minimize Your Risk by Securing Sensitive Customer Data

    NCR Secure Pay allows you to process payments in a PCI-DSS compliant and secure manner. This hosted electronic payment gateway works with NCR Counterpoint SQL and NCR Retail Online for credit cards, debit cards, and stored value cards (gift cards). NCR Secure Pay helps you minimize your risk for a credit card security breach by taking credit card storage out of your local system and moving it to our NCR Secure Pay host.

  • NCR Secure Pay Payment Solutions for NCR Counterpoint is a PCI Compliant Secure Payment Solution for Credit Card Payments at point of sale and ecommerce.

Flexible Choice of Integrated Payment Processors.


NCR created an electronic payment gateway, NCR Secure Pay, to help minimize your risk for a credit card security breach by addressing the 2 key elements of payment security: data storage and data transmission.

  • Token Replacement (Tokenization)

    NCR Secure Pay automatically utilizes token replacement, also known as tokenization, which allows NCR Counterpoint SQL to store a token instead of an actual card number. The card number is stored at the NCR Secure Pay host in its encrypted database. This functionality is used to store a customer’s card number in a protected environment for future purposes, such as validated returns and card-on-file transactions.

  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

    Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) helps protect sensitive credit and debit card data from the first card swipe, while in transit, and all the way to the NCR Secure Pay host. State of the art encrypting devices encrypt cardholder information prior to performing an electronic payment transaction. These sophisticated devices use strong encryption and industry standard key management technologies to encrypt and transmit cardholder data securely over any network.

We can help you put together the payment security puzzle to keep your customers’ payment information protected.

PCI Compliance Services

PCI Compliance Services assists customers with their PCI DSS compliance requirements.

This value-added component provides NSS customers with a web-based “wizard” for answering the PCI self-assessment questionnaire. It also conducts quarterly external PCI-mandated network scans and offers an information security policy builder. It also includes on-demand security awareness training that NSS customers can provide to their employees.