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Current RMS Users Save 25% on NCR Counterpoint Software

Invest in a stable product that grows with your business needs and propels your business into the future of retail.

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Contact Us Today For This Offer!

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  • NCR Counterpoint is the perfect RMS Alternative to help you navigate the RMS End of Life. Current RMS Users Save 25% on NCR Counterpoint, and easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways to minimize errors and maximize profits.
  • Grow Your Business With This Special Offer.

    For a limited time, specialty retailers looking for an RMS End of Life Alternative can save 25% on NCR Counterpoint, an end-to-end solution that includes all the key features you need for your business to perform and integrate with your existing RMS data.

    Talk with one of our specialists today to learn how NCR Counterpoint can:

    • Integrate with your current data
    • Operate with real time inventory data
    • Improve your bottom line
    • Manage all of your store sites operations on a Microsoft SQL Database

Key Features

Manage the RMS End of Life with ease by migrating effortlessly to a complete retail management platform that builds the stage for you to perform and engage your audience:

    • Microsoft SQL Database:
      NCR Counterpoint is built on the Microsoft SQL Server® database platform providing reliable data storage, scalability, and exceptional performance
    • Microsoft Dynamics Accounting Integration:
      NCR Counterpoint offers a direct interface to Microsoft Dynamics to save you time and keep your current data accurate
    • Easy Platform Integration:
      With a SQL database, flexible platform and strong business partner base, we can easily integrate your current data into our software
    • Inventory Management:
      Become a better buyer when you receive real time inventory updates and movement
    • Automated Purchasing:
      Detailed information allows your system to make accurate choices on replenishing your inventory
    • Detail Reporting:
      Slice and dice your sales data any way you want—information at your fingertips gives you deeper business analysis
    • Integrated Online Store:
      Reach your customers 24/7 with an online store that’s full integrated to your centralized inventory and order management
    • Mobile Point of Sale:
      Bring the experience directly to your customers—our mobile tools complete transactions, record inventory and perform physical counts
    • EMV Capabilities:
      Get the latest in payment technology with our chip and pin supported software
    • Point-to-Point Encryption:
      In addition to EMV, we’ve included an additional layer of security to help prevent fraudulent activity
    • Closed Loop Email Marketing:
      Create personalized emails to your customers based on their purchase history and preferences, all logged in your system
    • And more!