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What Is the Section 179 Deduction?

Businesses can deduct the full cost of qualifying equipment from their 2019 taxes, up to $1,000,000, with a “total equipment purchased for the year” threshold of $2,500,000. Yes, this is a ROBUST deduction and you should take advantage of it for your 2019 taxes!

How Does This Work For My Business?

By midnight on December 31st 2019, you must:

  1. Purchase, Finance or Lease Qualifying Equipment Up to $1 Million
  2. Place purchased equipment into service by December 31st, 2019
  3. Deduct the FULL Cost of Your Purchase on Your 2019 Taxes
  4. Get Bonus depreciation with purchases over $2.55 million

What Equipment Qualifies?

Our retail point of sale software and hardware covered under Section 179 includes:

Please Note: There may be some restrictions and exclusions. Check with us to verify that your intended purchase is a qualifying property.

What Purchasing / Financing Options Are available?

One of the many reasons for making Section 179 a part of year end tax consideration is the ability to buy, finance, or lease your purchases. When you combine the tax savings with a properly structured leasing or financing agreement, the taxes you save will almost always exceed your cash outlay for the year. We offer many options of either purchase or short-term and long-term leasing and financing options.

Long Term Leasing

Section 179 Financing and Leasing Options

Short Term Leasing

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