3 Security Safeguards for Businesses that Accepts Credit Cards

Data Security Safeguards for Business that Accept Credit Cards

As industry security requirements tighten, hackers become more creative and email is now used more frequently to gain access to systems and to install ransomware and other tools to exploit environmental weaknesses.

Security Awareness Training & Education

Our InDefense division has some great and very inexpensive ways on how to educate your staff of how to better recognize suspicious emails before damage can be done. These programs track your employees’ habits and send periodic fake phishing emails are sent throughout the year similar to what hackers are using. Management also gets the report of offenders and you can proactively address it with the security awareness training that we offer as part of this program.

This security awareness training has helped reduce this risk by 95% in our own company so we know it works.

Managed Anti-Virus / Health & Maintenance Monitoring

In addition to security awareness email training, we have been rolling out a new generation of anti-virus to combat this dangerous software. Today’s anti viruses are reactive rather than proactive. Traditional anti-virus/malware uses blacklist technology stopping and removing known problems, however, today’s attackers change the signatures daily and they go undetected until the signature is reported and blacklisted. Also, no two anti-virus companies detect the same problems at the same time. Some may take longer to get the updated virus definitions. Our anti-virus utilizes a “do not allow” approach for programs unless they have been pre-approved to detect these dangerous programs earlier.

All of these are reported to us and in turn we continually add more apps that our customers use to the master whitelist.

As an added benefit, these do not drain system resources as they do not scan all the time. Their main objective is to prevent viruses before they can run. From a central dashboard and console, we manage and detect the threats and keep you alerted to any infection or potential outbreak. This dashboard is manned and monitored all the time by a dedicated security expert.

This strategy allows us to identify risks and their potential consequences as well as safely remove them before they do harm. In addition to managed anti-virus, we can also monitor system health, service pack updates at a very low cost to you per system.

We also offer a separate Web Content Filtering/Monitoring service that can help boost employee productivity and mitigate risks by blacklisting websites and certain content from the corporate network. Monitoring employee web browser activity by site and time helps to curb web-based threats from reaching the corporate network.

Security Vulnerability / Cyber Risk Assessments

Our InDefense security division offers free security assessments that gives you valuable insight into your overall security posture as well as free consultation on how to remedy what we found. We have certified penetration testers and security personnel to provide a deeper, more stringent vulnerability assessment if needed.

Security and business continuity for our customers is our top concern and priority. Gain the peace of mind that this is not an issue you should have to constantly worry about when running a business.

Even if you have your own IT staff or another third-party providing IT services, unless they are involved exclusively in the security field, they will not be totally aware of the many current security vulnerabilities in a network.

Our company is currently completing a PCI-DSS 3.2 audit of all our systems, policies and procedures. All C&K Systems and InDefense staff are also PCI-QIR certified. We also hold more PCI certifications and Security personnel than any retail solutions provider in the nation. We also have access to some of the best security resources in the industry to make our customers safer.

A proactive security program is far less expensive than a reactive one.