Features to Look for in a Managed Services Provider

Top Features to Look for in a Managed Services Provider for Your Retail Business

March 28, 2019

Looking to a partner with a Managed Services Provider for your retail business? Below are some helpful tips on some of the most important elements to look for.

A point of sale system and its many endpoints and devices are the backbone of a retailer’s critical business network. Without the proper security solutions in place, a retail business will not run as efficiently as it should, be exposed to vulnerabilities or even face being penalized for not being PCI-DSS compliant.

More and more retail business owners are abandoning their efforts of trying to manage their own IT and switching to managed services providers to handle all of their IT and security needs. There are seeing the many benefits of their move with improved response times, lower cost over-time, and scalability to name a few.

But, with so many providers out there, it’s hard to know who your retail business is most compatible with. Every retail business is different, as are their needs and problems. So it makes sense to partner with a MSP that knows the retail industry.

When considering a potential managed services provider to partner with, here are a few things to look for.

World-Class Customer Service

Customer service is crucial to any operation, whether you’re in retail or IT. Look for a provider who offers consistent response time within a short time frame. After all, downtime could cost you big money.

If they don’t have around-the-clock customer support, you may be compromising too much. You will need to recover quickly if a system error or downtime occurs.

Diverse Technology Offerings

One of the most basic deciding factors in finding a provider is the extent of their offerings. Do they have solutions that are compatible with your needs? Is there room for scalability as your business grows?

Ask a provider about their infrastructure and storage capabilities. You’ll also want to inquire about other retail-specific solutions such as cloud hosting, disaster recovery, and on-going maintenance and monitoring.


As a retail business owner, you already have a lot on your plate. You don’t want the burden of trying to delegate their IT work to someone who should have already handled the task.

An MSP should make your life easier. Go with a solutions provider that’s proactive in their operations and quick in their response. This comes with experience and expertise. So, you’ll want to look for someone who’s already established themselves.

A Lasting Strategic Partnership

Does the provider you’re meeting with seem like a good long-term investment as well as a good fit for your business? Are they not just a service or person, but rather a trusted technology advisor?

Cloud solutions and managed services are going to continually evolve. You need a partner on your side to help you grow through these changes. The right provider can help anticipate your needs as time goes on.

In Summary

There are plenty of managed service providers out there to choose from. But, don’t just work with any of them. Be confident in your partner’s knowledge of your industry and how you do retail, as they will allow your business to truly grow.

CK Systems can be that strategic partner you’re looking for. We offer a comprehensive package of managed services solutions specifically built for retail. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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