Why Consider Counterpoint Software Training

Why You Should Consider NCR Counterpoint Software Training.

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This is Bob. He hasn’t been trained on NCR Counterpoint. So, why should you consider NCR Counterpoint Software Training? Because, without on-going point of sale training, your NCR Counterpoint POS software is really not helping you manage and grow your retail business and livelihood any more than a cigar box would.


Training that Mimics Your Business Setup

When it comes to learning there are a few options: watch a plethora of You Tube videos, Press F1 and read a multitude of help screens, or read the electronic version of the manufacturer’s manual. All approaches are acceptable forms of learning (or great cures for insomnia), but are they efficient enough or a worthy time investment? Is on-line learning going to provide an experience that mimics your specific business needs, processes or dynamics?

Different Strokes For Different Folks

YouTube, help screens and electronic manuals are very generic and designed for mass consumption, not tailored to your individual unique business needs. Quite simply they do not speak your language. Additionally, employees working in different job roles will utilize Counterpoint software functionality and features differently in order to accomplish their specific tasks.

Diluted Information Leads to Frustration

Another pitfall occurs when a key person is trained and leaves their position without training a successor. Lack of successor training (or sharing “diluted” information) will lead to frustrations, and misconceptions about your Counterpoint software. This potentially could result in incorrect document processing and negatively impact information and potentially business.

Maximize Your Return On Software Investment

Proper Counterpoint Software training by our NCR Certified Trainers is essential to your retail business to maximize the benefits of your Counterpoint Software investment. By tailoring your software training, you increase your knowledge and usability while decreasing overall frustration. In result, creating effectively trained employees that can independently resolve challenges, process documents efficiently and gain full potential of reporting.

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Would you put your family in a car that you did not know how to drive?
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Would you put your family in a car that you didn’t know how to drive?


Higher Employee Retention

The benefits of Counterpoint training is more than enhancing the skills and knowledge of your team. A residual of sufficient training is higher retention and better output for you, your employees and your business. Employees are more likely to stay longer when they know their company believes in their professional growth, they are more likely to stay at the company for a longer period of time. In turn, this lower turnover creates a more productive, enthusiastic and motivated workforce in your retail business.

The Zen of Counterpoint Training with C&K

Our NCR Certified Counterpoint trainers have decades (that’s a long time) of real-world experience in the retail industry, so they speak your language as well as understand that no two retail businesses are alike. Our approach to Counterpoint Software training is multi-faceted. We start with a Business Process Review to better understand your unique business and your day-to-day operations.

A Digestible Approach to Training

We provide a training catalog, class agenda and other training materials that include check lists to track information covered during each learning session. Our Counterpoint Training courses are broken into 100 and 200 series; 100 being the very basics you need to know to manage day to day operations (roughly 25% of the software functionality) and 200 series for advanced users.

We also offer manuals, white papers, access to online video tutorials and a link to the Counterpoint Café video library so that you don’t even have to take a lot of notes.

Your Next Steps

Don’t be Bob. Contact Our NCR Certified Counterpoint Trainers today to schedule training. Our trainers are ready to help your business and employees reach their fullest potential with NCR Counterpoint Software.

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